Tim Saville

Hi, I’m Tim and age is just a number. It’s not how many times the wheels have been round, it’s the state of the engine that matters.

Member since?


Dived since?


Number of Dives?



PADI OC Trimix Instructor, TDI MOD 3 Rebreather Diver.

What started you diving?

Bored on my honeymoon, had a try dive in the pool and then got divorced.

Best dive?

It hasn’t happened yet. I’m booked on to dive the HMHS Britannic in October 2018 and I’ve got a visit to Bikini Atoll in 2019. So far it would be the San Francisco Maru in Truk Lagoon.


To dive the HMHS Britannic (better not get blown out!).

Funniest narcosis moment?

Mistaking a rubber inner tube for a conger eel whilst at 30m on Somali wreck at the Farne Islands. In life before helium.

How often do I dive?

I average around 150 dives a year, works out about 3 a week. I need to get wet regularly to avoid drying out.

Best piece of dive kit?

AP Inspiration Rebreather without a doubt.

Best buddy?

It has to be Liz, my wife, she knows me better than anyone, she is my conscience and voice of reason. Sometimes I need it.

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