Newbie Thoughts on Anglesey

3rd dive trip and still the newbie in the club, excited and raring to go, not had much information on the plan or where to stay, everyone else seems to just ‘know’, turns out its not magic, it’s just our illustrious trip sec having the wrong number for me…………………twice!

So after the near heart attack inducing set off time to make an 8am ropes off on Saturday, a quick ring round from Tim secured 3 rooms in the Auckland Arms for the Friday night, unsure why; but Tim felt the need to ring and ask if I wanted a ‘Sub room’ (read closet) in one of the main rooms to save the princely sum of £5, unsurprisingly I declined.

Friday night rolls around and I am very kindly (and comfortably) whisked down the M6 with Mr and Mrs Dive Club in the A-Team Van, making good time thanks to a perfectly executed plan to avoid a major accident on the M56. A few swift jars in the Auckland to wash down the emergency McDonalds and we’re soon all calling it a night.

Saturday morning, cloudy, slight chill but on the whole can’t complain at the weather, trip down to Beaumaris the boats ready and waiting, with Graham and Jared already arrived after what I believe was 2:30am start to drive down that morning, not hanging around everyone’s loaded and ready to go. Odd dive boat, but weirdly endearing, nice and cosy but that can mostly be put down to the 3 huge boxes from the faff brigade and all their paraphernalia.

1st dive is the 32m+ SS Delfina, great dive, my first on it, never really had a clue what I was looking at, but was impressive all the same. Fantastic visibility, even though it feels dark but almost tropical compared to the St Abbs east coast temperature 2 weeks prior.

2nd dive, another first for me, a drift, Steve and I saw lots of life but apparently missed ‘a huge stacked pile of dog fish’ seen by others, was good fun being taken for a ride, no pun intended. Keith and Amanda comfortably won the distance race.

Having finished earlier than expected, a quick beer onsite and dropping cylinders off, most headed to the rooms, I ended up billy no mates drinking (I think that’s the first sign of alcoholism) watching England vs Malta. Table booked for 7pm at Bocca, all arrived in good spirits and had a great meal [from my perspective at least]. Copious amounts of Red wine was consumed by most, which meant I was left in peace with my bottle of white! Must be an age thing!

Day 2, The Cartagena wreck, around 30m, good vis and a pleasure to dive, made it round a couple of times, loads of life, and some huge Pollock. Dive 2, not sure where it was or what you’d even call it, we were told to go South-East, Steve & I didn’t see much except a lone dog fish and some flat fish, still enjoyable, others saw more I believe.

Now backing up an hour or so, sun blaring, spirits high after a great 1st dive, hobnobbed up, heading back inland…………yet another (2 from 3 for me) pod of dolphins! Circled around for a good 20-30minutes, no abundance of acrobatic theatre, certainly in comparison to St Abbs a fortnight before, but 1 particular fella had his weetabix that morning with the highest breach I’ve ever seen, almost seemingly pausing for a photo at his peak. You’d think with some many photographers on board it would be have been caught, but alas, not this time.

Round Up: Fantastic weekend, both top side and under.