John Briggs

Hi, I’m John Briggs, I live in Idle, married with two grown-up lads.  Age? Older than I look.

Dived since?

Bored to death sat around a pool in Cyprus, I was offered free a try dive in the pool, they then quickly signed me up for a further try dive in the sea the next day, I loved it. On our return, we booked a holiday to Egypt in 2006, and I was reading about what the red sea had to offer, so decided I must have a qualification to go out there with, and so it began.

Member since?

I joined this club 3 years ago now, I was a member of another club for many years, I should have moved years before. This club is full of nice people, who want to go diving, imagine that!

Favourite UK dive site?

I’m a rust lover and prefer the 3 day trips to the quick sprints here and there, I enjoy the sound of Mull as there are some good wrecks up there, and its sheltered so diving is almost guaranteed. But also enjoy diving out of Weymouth, there are some big wrecks out in the English channel, and some great submarine dives such as the M2.

Funniest narcosis moment?

I must get Narked I guess but is not something I notice. The funniest thing has been at the bottom of the Rhondo (50M) and my buddy Pete’s cylinder falling out of his BCD, he was gripping his reg with his teeth like there was no tomorrow (nearly wasn’t for him). It’s pitch black down there and we were racking up deco, but I got it back in and secure. I don’t remember that in the training!!


I came through the BSAC training ranks and I’m a BSAC advanced diver.

Number of Dives?

I stopped logging dives years ago, but well over 400

What’s the best thing you’ve seen whilst diving?

I’ve been lucky, I’ve done lots of Redsea liveaboards, dived in Thailand, Bermuda, the Caribbean, America and all over Europe. But the one place I’ll never forget diving was a week-long liveaboard in the Maldives, the stuff we saw there will stay with me forever.

How often do you dive?

Whenever I fancy a trip really, I’m no puddle jumper these days, if it isn’t salty, I’m not getting in. As I said above, I prefer the 3 day trips, great diving and great crack with the lads, what’s not to like.

Who is your go-to dive buddy?

I’m a bit of a dive slag really, I’ll go with anyone!

What would you like to share with people who are considering scuba diving?

Do it, it’s a great hobby at home and a fantastic qualification to have when you find yourself in foreign climes, everyone asks me about it, and they’d all love to do it, why don’t they then? 

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