Ian Booth

Hi, I’m Ian Booth and live a few minutes away from Robin Hood in Liversedge and unfortunately nearer 60 than 50 but think I have managed to retain my youthful looks better than some of the self-proclaimed “younger???” members.

Dived since?

I remember watching Jacques Cousteau as a child on tv diving in exotic places and thought I quite fancy that. It wasn’t until 2013 whilst on holiday in Cyprus that there was a try dive session in the hotel pool. My wife persuaded me to have a go, followed shortly afterwards by my children and wife. We had a couple of “proper” dives later, then on my return to the UK I started my diving education.

Member since?

The dive shop introduced me to the club late in 2016 but I didn’t join until 2017. Whilst the club does not do any formal training the members are very helpful and share tips and knowledge with me to help improve my diving.

Favourite UK dive site?

I haven’t done much UK diving but it is either up at Capernwray or off the North East coast around the Farnes.

Funniest narcosis moment?

Never really gone deep enough to experience the joys of narcosis. My air doesn’t last long enough for it to affect me.


Advanced Open Water at the moment but have enrolled on Nitrox course and looking to complete my Deep Dive speciality this year so I can experience Nitrogen and Oxygen Narcosis in a certified manner.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen whilst diving?

The odd shark, Conga Eels and some beautiful corals.

How often do you dive?

Try to get a good few dives in somewhere hot in the summer holidays then a few trips away with the dive club to keep the skills up to speed and see the gloom of the North Sea or a sunken boat in Capernwray.

Who is your go-to dive buddy?

The slowest person to put their hand up to say they already have a dive buddy. Finding a dive buddy in the club isn’t a problem.

What would you like to share with people who are considering scuba diving?

Have a go, if you don’t like at least you’ve tried it. If you do like it learn how to lie convincingly to your partner on how much time and money you will be spending on your hobby.


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