24th – 30th July Shetland Liveaboard Trip

I love the smell of neoprene in the morning!

Diving for the week on the Liveaboard Valkyrie out of Lerwick we will be diving the best of the recreational wrecks and scenic options around the islands. Many of us have experienced Orkney previously so this a step further north with an overnight ferry to and from Aberdeen required.

Trip Sec: Keith Johnson

Cost: N/A

Trip opened: 2019

Post expires at 12:00pm on Friday 30th July 2021

28th – 30th August Weymouth Bank Holiday Weekend Trip

Welcome to Jurassic Park!

Three days of recreational depth wreck diving around Weymouth Bay and the Jurassic Coast aboard Skindeeper out of the Olympic marina at Portland. The boat has a compressor on-board providing free air fills so only nitrox fills are required ashore. We have three nights ensuite accommodation booked at the Aqua Hotel with breakfast included.

Trip Sec: Keith Johnson

Cost: £290

Opening: 26/11/20 – Early opening trip with a £50 deposit required

Post expires at 12:00pm on Monday 30th August 2021

18th – 19th September Eyemouth Weekend Trip

Totally Tropical St Abbs

Another chance to see the delights of the St Abbs Marine Reserve with hopefully some of the warmest water temperatures of the year. We will be diving around the reserve from Wavedancer which has a heated cabin and a flying bridge. Accommodation will be two nights B&B at the Home Arms in Eyemouth.

Trip Sec: Andrew Lamb

Cost: £150

Opening: 17/06/21

Post expires at 12:00pm on Sunday 19th September 2021

2nd – 3rd October Clyde Weekend Trip

Rib-tastic weekend!

A second chance to enjoy the delights of Clyde diving with Wreckspeditions. As well as superb diving you can expect home made cookies and hot chocolate on board the Starfish Enterprise. Accommodation will be 2 nights B&B in Largs.

Trip Sec: Amanda Taylor

Cost: £160

Opening: 01/07/21

Post expires at 12:00pm on Sunday 3rd October 2021

16th October Farnes Day Trip

One Day Farnes Autumn Season Closer

Our final visit to Seahouses and the Farne Islands usually brings warmer sea temps and the best chance of encountering seals under water. We will be diving with William Shiel on one of the Glad Tidings boats around the islands. There is no accommodation for this trip as it is only one day however some people may decide to book separately to extend their stay especially as this is the last UK trip.

Trip Sec: Liz Saville

Cost: £50

Opening: 15/07/21

Post expires at 12:00pm on Saturday 16th October 2021