Farne Islands Day Trip, 14th April, £45

Welcome to our traditional ‘Robin Hood Dive Club Season Opener’. Your £45.00 buys you two dives aboard Glad Tidings VII around the reefs and wrecks of the Farne Islands, famous for diving with seals. Whilst the water may still be a wee bit chilly at that time of year, it’s warmer topside and of course there is William’s famous ‘tecoffy’ which is a mixture of tea and coffee (it all tastes the same).

Some may travel up on the Friday night in which case you’ll need to book some accommodation and we’ll meet up for a couple of beers and a pizza or curry.

Trip Secretary is Ruth Hair (07786 752749) or email her at roothy@yahoo.com and please don’t forget that all attendees MUST be paid up club members and have submitted completed medical and renewal forms which can be downloaded from this website.

Trip opens: 18th January