Buddying a Re-breather Diver Masterclass, 22nd February

With almost 20% of RHDC Members now diving on a re-breather, the chances of you buddying one sometime this season is fairly high.

I’ll be doing a talk on Thursday 22nd February at Robin Hood Water Sports starting at 7.15pm prompt and addressing such issues as:

  • How does a re-breather work?
  • What does a re-breather diver do when in trouble?
  • How can a re-breather diver help me when if I need air?
  • How should we do our buddy check?

Liz Saville

Hi, I’m Liz, I live in Huddersfield and I’m only 43.

Member since?


Dived since?


Number of Dives?



PADI trimix 65, TDI cavern diver and BSAC rebreather mod 1

What started you diving?

I was climbing in Spain and it snowed, so I went to the coast and did a try dive….never looked back.

Best dive?

Tricky one this…it’s either Truk lagoon or my dive with a whale shark and giant mantas in Socorro, Mexico. I cried.


To dive Bikini Atoll

Funniest narcosis moment?

There are too many…..but the original ‘isn’t it funny how so many shipwrecks are close to the rocks’ is hard to beat.

How often do I dive?

As often as possible, although I’m getting more choosy in the winter.

Best piece of dive kit?

Thermalution heated vest.

Best buddy?

My hubby Tim.

Farne Islands Day Trip, 14th April, £45

Welcome to our traditional ‘Robin Hood Dive Club Season Opener’. Your £45.00 buys you two dives aboard Glad Tidings VII around the reefs and wrecks of the Farne Islands, famous for diving with seals. Whilst the water may still be a wee bit chilly at that time of year, it’s warmer topside and of course there is William’s famous ‘tecoffy’ which is a mixture of tea and coffee (it all tastes the same).

Some may travel up on the Friday night in which case you’ll need to book some accommodation and we’ll meet up for a couple of beers and a pizza or curry.

Trip Secretary is Ruth Hair (07786 752749) or email her at roothy@yahoo.com and please don’t forget that all attendees MUST be paid up club members and have submitted completed medical and renewal forms which can be downloaded from this website.

Trip opens: 18th January

Eyemouth Weekend, 12th & 13th May, £130

This is our first full weekend trip of the year and, based on previous trips to Eyemouth, it should be a good one.

Gary and Zoe at DiveStay in Eyemouth  will be providing us with two days of hardboat diving from Wavedancer and two nights award winning B&B accommodation at the Home Arms.

We will be diving around the St Abbs marine reserve with potential options up to Fast Castle or the Glanmire wreck if the tides and conditions work.

Gary can provide air and nitrox fills if required.

The cost for accommodation and diving is £130 for two dives per day.

Trip Secretary: Amanda Taylor amanda@diveclub.co.uk or 07802 659149

Trip opens: 8th February

Price: £130

Plymouth Long Weekend, 26th – 28th May, £240

This trip is over the bank holiday weekend at the end of May and will consist of three days diving with Aquanauts on their dive boat Outcast. Accommodation for three nights also is included at the Premier Inn Sutton Harbour which is two minutes away from Queen Anne’s Battery where the boat leaves from.

There are several options for breakfast and evening meals plus pubs at the nearby quayside area of Plymouth.

Depending on weather and conditions we will be looking to visit dive sites such as the James Eagan Layne, HMS Scylla, Maine, Oregon, Hands Deep and Eddystone Lighthouse. Air and nitrox fills will be available at the Aquanauts shop.

This is the first time that the club has been back to Plymouth for some time and we expect this to be a great weekend for diving and for socialising.

Trip Sec: Keith Johnson keith@diveclub.co.uk or 07973 866115

Trip opens: 22nd February (Secured with an initial deposit of £120)

Price: £240

Criccieth Shore Diving Weekend, 23rd & 24th June

We’re pleased to bring back the popular weekend of camping and shore diving which is open to all members and their families. Black Rock Sands campsite will be our home for the weekend and we’ve been asked to give an indication of how many pitches we want before they allocate us our own area.

Camping pitches are £10 p.p. per night or £25 for 2 adults and 2 children with electric hook up. We can also accommodate campervans and caravans and we’ll be booking a fire pit. Barbeques and liquid refreshment will be compulsory.

Shore diving at Criccieth will be suitable for all. We have neap tides in our favour and will be diving as near to high tide as we can. It’ll be a great weekend and a chance to do something different without breaking the bank.

Could all interested parties please let me (Tim) know. Nigel Troth (07920 582566) is your Trip Sec for this one.

Tim Saville 07860 616792 or tim@robinhooddiveclub.com

Farnes Weekend, 8th & 9th September, £130

The weekend Farnes trip includes two days diving from William Shiel’s hard boat, lift, ‘toilet’ and tea-coffee provided. We stay in Springhill Farm’s wonderful lookout bunk house. These modern rooms have ensuite bathrooms and offer warm, comfy accommodation. We often bbq with a backdrop of the stunning sea view if the weather allows. The diving is mostly in the recreational range of 15-20m and we will pick scenic dives with good likelihood of seal interaction. Lobbies, ling and the usual suspects guaranteed. More to follow when the trip opens.


Trip Sec: Liz Saville – 07710 432929

Cost: £130.00

Trip Opens: 7th June

Weekend Trip Report from Sebastian Seal

October is a busy season for us. Lots of people come to the Farne Islands to use our underwater rehabilitation services. Humans have very sad dreary lives on land as I understand it and so it is our duty and pleasure to welcome them into our underwater environment to play with them and generally make them feel like their existence has some meaning. We have a special deal with William Shiel in particular to do this work, although he was maybe taking the piss a bit this weekend when he brought 34 divers out on one incredibly crowded boat, but we’ll have a word with him about this at a later date. He may need to supply more fish if he’s going to work us that hard.

The other boat load however were a jolly crew of 18 or 20 – I lost count and they didn’t seem to have a clue themselves – from Robin Hood Dive Club. This lot seemed like a professional outfit although one of them called Jared seemed to prefer having more water in his suit than outside of it. They also had some potential new members with them called Julie, Alexandra and Andy who seemed a friendly bunch, smiling a lot and blowing bubbles all over the place. There was one barking mad chap who apparently never wears a hood – I think Jonathan is his name – he must feel the cold less than we do so maybe he’s half seal. There was also a bloke called Ben who I think may have moved in with one of our sexier seals in the colony here – he seems to be around a lot anyhow – the less said about that the better.

So we did our thing – we dutifully chewed everyone’s fins, particularly the bright coloured ones, as that seems to be what humans like….besides its funny to creep up behind them in stealth mode and then bugger off really quickly before they can take a photo. They’re not that agile in the water so we can run rings round them generally. We put on a good show this weekend though I say it myself – we called in all the reserves and we were everywhere, dancing, twirling and looking cute and doe-eyed. We let people tickle us and we even had a threesome with the blubbery one called Ruth – that was fun as she just kept screaming “I don’t like it!”.

So job done we watched them all get back on board after two great dives – have to say that lift thing they have is definitely something we should look into – it’s hard getting back onto our rocks, particularly when we have a lot of winter blubber – might have a word with William about getting one installed on some of the main islands. Always sad to see them all go – particularly as their season is coming to a close because they can’t hack the cold. Come back next year guys – get Johnny to organise another trip. We’ll miss you until then xx